Mountain Stories: On the Mid-Morning Mountain, the Names for Blue

“Eddie, tell me the names for blue, All the ones you know.

“Sky blue. Navy blue,” he says. “Baby blue.”   (….)

“Indamine. Aquamarine. Thunderstorm blue. Quilted blue.  Listening blue,” Meg says.

This is from the opening of my novella, Missing Meg.

I thought of it  yesterday morning on a walk here in Idyllwild, in the San Jacinto Mountains,  because I saw this:



*   *   *

The 13th of a series, Mountain Stories. Text and photo copyright Paula Panich, 2013.

N.B.: This photo was not filtered or altered in any way. Missing Meg, the novella, will likely show up in the world as an e-book. Soon. Really.