“Your passion for writing and love for your subjects are important contributions to the human thought bank. My interests in the garden are tangled with the all the human emotions — joy, passion, sorrow, surprise and wonder — and how they affect our lives. I have searched for an outlet to express how I (and others) feel when surrounded by beautiful places. Writing and lecturing may be the outlet. Thanks for interrupting my life and giving me a boost.”

Michael Schoeller

“Paula Panich can zero in, like no one I know, on the problems with your writing and with your writing practice. She is able to tell you what you may have known yourself was wrong, but were ignoring. She does this in the nicest possible way, encouraging you, yet insisting at the same time that you be more precise, more honest than you have been with the subject at hand. She gives people everything she’s got, and that’s a lot: intelligence, training, taste, and hard-won practical knowledge on the art and craft of writing.”

Maryann Macdonald, New York , author

“I wanted to send you thanks for a great class at the NYBG . . . What a great day it was. Time stood still for those few hours and I took everything in like a sponge. Your words were inspiring and charged me up with ideas and a restful feeling of well-being. Thank you.”

Ann Travers, Avon, Connecticut

“Paula Panich’s garden writing course at the Berkshire Botanical Garden literally changed my life. While I’d always fantasized about writing full time and getting paid for it, her good instruction and creative insight provided both the inspiration and the motivation to get me going. I came home that night and announced to friends at dinner ‘I going to finally take the plunge and write for a living.’ Since then I’ve been published in Easy Gardening, Family Circle, Working Woman and Homestyle. Along the way I’ve stayed in contact with Paula, asking her insight on how to shape manuscripts and polish pitch letters. Her advice and constructive criticism have been instrumental in getting my projects approved and in print.”

Doug Mackay, The Berkshires

“I really enjoyed your class and found it most inspiring and helpful. One of the best workshops I’ve taken. I was amazed at what you were able to cover in just two sessions! I also greatly appreciated all the hand-outs.”

Honey Sharp, Great Barrington, Massachusetts and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico honeysharp.com/blog