Cultivating Words, a book by Paula Panich

Dan Hinkley, writer, plant explorer, and cofounder of Heronswood Nursery says . . .      "Identifying the constructs and mechanics of good writing is much like learning another language to, at last, understand your primary. This is a superb read and reference for those who write as well as those who read. Together, it is Anne Lamott's Bird by Bird and Zinsser's On Writing Well, watered, fertilized and put on the windowsill. "About Cultivating Words: The Guide to Writing about the Plants and Gardens You Love

Translate your love for plants and gardens into words and words into writing with this first-ever comprehensive guide to garden writing by an expert in the field.

This practical book will help passionate gardeners and plant lovers and/or plant professionals shape their passion and ideas into:

  • how-to articles
  • feature stories
  • travel articles
  • essays

Cultivating Words also offers practical advice on writing at the sentence level and resources on the how-to of publishing.

Who should buy and use this book?

  • All gardeners or plant lovers who have ever wished to write, anything from a personal journal to an article for a local newspaper
  • Gardeners considering a career in writing about gardens
  • Novice freelance garden writers hoping to advance to a professional level
  • Master Gardeners who have been asked to write an article or column
  • Editors of or contributors to gardening newsletters
  • Journalism and writing students intending to write about gardens
  • Garden photographers wanting to write their own texts
  • People in any media (advertising, public relations, catalogs) required to write about plants or gardening
  • Horticultural professionals who want to promote their business
  • Garden designers and landscape architects

and anyone who wants to translate passion for plants and gardens into words.

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